Tuna Salad in Da Nang

Are you searching for a Tuna Salad in Da Nang? Bro’s Kafe is launching new items on Menu since May 2020 with 6 new items added includung Tuna Salad

Are you searching for Food with Tuna in Da Nang?

As the recommendation of our beloved customers, we decided to put 3 new dishes with Tuna on new Bro’s Kafe Menu including Tuna Salad, Tuna Sandwich and Tuna on Baguette.

Moreover, There are some new ingredients on our new dishes. We understand that you need more fresh taste on hot summer. Therefore, we already add Cress on our new dishes.

Price of Food with Tuna at Bro’s Kafe

  1. Salad: 55.000đ
  2. Sandwich: 69.000đ
  3. On Baguette: 69.000đ

Croissant Sandwich in Da Nang

Bro’s Kafe is one of the very first places selling croissant sandwich in Da Nang. Our customers are familiar with the Bacon-egg Croissant which is the best selling dishes of the month.

We put 3 more croissant sandwich on new Bro’s Kafe Menu including: Lamb Sausage Croissant, Bacon-avocado Croissant and Cheese Garlic Croissant. In addition, all of these croissants cost you with amazing price: 35.000 – 42.000

Moreover, you can bulid your own croissant sandwich with bacon/ham, cheese, egg (fried, scrambled), hollandaise, home-made mayonnaise.

Charge your energy every morning with a combo with hot coffee and croissant.

– Bro’s Kafe was founded in June 2018 by 2 Bros sharing the same passion of opening a rendezvous spot for expats in Da Nang City.
– Bro’s Kafe serves Specialty Coffee 100% from coffee beans with honey-red processed.
– Our shop is also famous for good sandwiches, baguette, croissant and salad that have good value for quality and casual price.
– We are the first coffeeshop in Da Nang that serve Green Smoothie from spinach and fresh fruits
– We cooperate with Bellany Ice Cream to provide high quality ice-cream with many amazing flavour such as sorbet, salted caramel
Bro’s Kafe is proving that high value can be made from the simple. That’s why Bro’s Kafe ranks one of the Top coffeeshop for expats in Da Nang

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