Chicken-X : New healthy food at Bro’s Kafe

Bro’s Kafe is launching a new dish in September 2020, it named CHICKEN-X.

Chicken-X can be your favourite dish with big portion of Chicken breast. This is very healthy option too when it is cooked with extra virgin olive oil, natural honey and rosemary.

Chicken-X: new healthy choice at Bro's Kafe
New healthy choice at Bro’s Kafe – ChickenX

Furthermore, Chicken-X is served with green fresh broccoli and mashed potatoes. Therefore, that will be a super healthy choice for you.

Special offer: You will have a free lime juice when you order Chicken-X at Bro’s Kafe.

How to order:

  • Offline: Just come to Bro’s Kafe at 41 An Thuong 4 St., and place an order
  • Order online now: Click here for Delivery & Pickup
  • Other Portal: Grabfood, Fanpage
  • Phone call: 0905-05-79-03

By launching a new item without bread, Bro’s Kafe is crossing the line and expect to develop more to serve more customers.

At Bro’s Kafe, We make food and drinks with 100% passion

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